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The Center is comprised of two adjacent facilities, the Reinberger Children’s Library and the Marantz room, with two distinct catalogs:

Reinberger Children’s Room Catalog

Marantz Picturebook Collection for the Study of Picturebook Art (*narrow search by choosing Marantz Collection)


The Special Research Collections

Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy Collection of Multicultural Literature and Ephemera

The Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy Collection of Multicultural Literature and Ephemera contains over 1400 items, including memoirs, articles, audiobooks, ephemera, plays, poetry, educational material, and more. This unique collection demonstrates their lifetime of work as mentors and advocates for peace and cultural awareness. Some ephemera in the private collection can be viewed in the Alma Flor Ada Virtual Exhibit. This virtual exhibit showcases ephemera made by students in response to Alma Flor Ada’s work with schoolchildren.

Arbuthnot Collection:

May Hill Arbuthnot’s personal collection of ephemera, professional and historical children’s books.

Historical Folklore Children’s Books

Finding aid for over 1400 folklore books donated by the Cuyahoga County Library and the Dayton Metropolitan Library.

Publisher Posters from Renowned Picturebook Illustrators

The Historical Children’s Book Collection (HCBC) from Dayton Metropolitan Library. HCBC is a large-scale collection of more than 7,000 volumes, which also includes hundreds of ephemera, posters and magazines related to the study of children’s books. Go to: KentLINK Library Catalog and search “Dayton Metro Library Children’s collection” in the Title search.

The Marantz Button Collection

Collection of buttons from the travels of Sylvia and Ken Marantz, spanning from 1970-2016.

Margaret Alexander Beatrix Potter Collection


Our Art

RCLC Original Picturebook Art: Original Picture book Art, including the Carol and Guy Wolfenbarger Collection and the Rosemary Wells Collection of original art, prints, and book dummies.

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