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We are currently reading the 2021 Caldecott Honor Book Outside In written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Cindy Derby. This beautifully illustrated book introduces readers to the idea that a lot of the things inside their homes comes from outside. Some of the topics are a bit obscure, like a gust of wind or warmth of the sun, but the illustrations bring them to life.


Activity: Outside/Inside Scavenger Hunt Bingo

What can you find around the house that came from outside? For this activity, you will need a sheet of paper, a ruler, two different colored pens, a black pen, and a pencil.


Step One:

Using a ruler, divide your paper into squares. I did five squares the width of my ruler and then cut off the extra paper.


Step Two:

Next, I measured out about 1 1/2 inches down from the top of the page and marked the spot to make my rows. There will be a little space leftover (the sixth row) where you can write Bingo across the top.


Step Three:

Next, I wrote “Free” in the center for the free space, and then I divided my blocks diagonally. On one half, write the “outside” item and then your scavenger hunter will write the “inside” item on the other half.


Step Four:

In each square, carefully write in different names/categories of things that are found outside (example: clay, wood, glass, etc.) and then have your scavenger hunter go around the house and write down the names of what they find that was made from the original item (example: clay = pottery). I wrote in green what is found outside and then used blue for the items found inside the house.


Step Five:

For my categories, some are a bit obscure as I didn’t want to be too confusing. Hence why I put “glass” instead of “sand,” “wood” instead of “trees,” and categories of plants like “vegetables” just to help little scavenger hunters have an easier time finding items. I also put “dairy” instead of “Cow/Animal Products” just to simplify things. I’ll admit that by the time I gave in and did repeat squares, I was running low on ideas.


Step Six:

Instead of using token markers to cover the spots and get bingo, have your scavenger hunters write in the item they find. Once they have a column filled, then they can get a prize! In my example, I filled in all the boxes with items found around the house, but like in Bingo, you just need one row to win.



If you want to play this game several times, I would suggest making copies of the blank Bingo cards. Also, if your scavenger hunters are flying through this game, have them draw the item that they find inside instead of writing it out.


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