Portrait of Nicola Daly

Former Marantz Fellow Nicola Daly Selected for Fullbright Scholar Award

Portrait of Nicola Daly

2016 Marantz Research Fellow wins Fullbright Scholar Award.

During her time at the Reinberger Children’s Library Center, Dr. Nicola Daly of University of Waikato, examined Dual Language Books in picturebooks with languages from immigrant and indigenous communities. Now, Dr. Daly has been honored with a 2019 Fulbright New Zealand Scholar Award. Beginning in October, she will be based at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she will work with Professor Kathy Short, Director of the Worlds of Words collection of over 30,000 children’s books. Dr. Daly is looking forward to the exchange of knowledge which is central to the Fulbright Scholar Award; learning from her distinguished children’s literature colleague, Dr Short and bringing her own perspective and experience on dual language picturebook research to share.

Dr. Daly is Director of the Waikato Picture Book Research Unit and has developed two picturebook collections, The New Zealand Picturebook Collection and the New Zealand Pacific. She is also co-editor of Children’s Literature in a Multiliterate World, which has been shortlisted for the United Kingdom Literacy Association 2019 Academic Book Award.

For more information about research fellowships with the Reinberger Children’s Library Center click HERE or visit https://www.kent.edu/iSchool/fellowships

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