Helping Kids To Understand Poverty


Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

This is a scholarly study that includes Guidelines for Teachers and Parents on page 3. Exchange Magazine, which supports early childhood education professionals worldwide, originally published this article.

Experiences of Parents and Children Living in Poverty

This is an in-depth study focusing on how families living in poverty perceive their situation and lives. Parents can benefit from this article by furthering their own understanding of the topic.

14 Ways to Effectively Explain Homelessness and Poverty To Your Child

Wellspring Family Services provides fourteen ways to explain homelessness and poverty to children. They have different categories and advice depending on the age of your child as well as tips about leading conversation. 

Verywell Family

This article discusses why you should talk with children about poverty. There are also age-appropriate answers provided for common questions asked and advice on how to involve your children in helping others. The article also includes a link to projects children can do to help others.

Talking With Children About Poverty and Homelessness

This article provides advice for parents on how to begin conversations about poverty and homelessness with young children. It also provides links to further your own understanding and to find further resources.