Kristen Higgason

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As Good As Dead

The conclusion to the trilogy that introduced us to Pippa Fitz-Amobi and her life as a young investigator with a podcast. In this conclusion, we see Pippa start another case as she gets ready to leave for university.


Heartstopper: Volume One

Charlie, an openly-gay year 10, and Nick, a year 11 rugby player both attend an all-boys school in Britain and become the unlikeliest of friends. But is there more to the relationship than meets the eye?


How to Make Friends With the Dark

This is a book about losing someone and navigating the loneliness of grief when someone you love dies. While it may not seem like the most fun book to read, it kept me on my toes. It felt like every chapter, Tiger and I were catching another curveball.


Juliet Takes a Breath

The graphic novel version of the bestselling book, Juliet Takes a Breath. Juliet Milagros Palante is leaving her home in the Bronx for the Pacific Northwest to work with her favorite feminist author.


Music From Another World

In Music From Another WorldTammy and Sharon are paired as pen pals for a school assignment. As they grow closer, they divulge secrets they don’t dare tell anyone about who they truly are. A historical fiction look at being LGBT in The 1970s.


The Nature of Witches

Clara is an Everwitch – someone whose magic is tied to every season, and this is rare. Most witches have one season they are tied to. Throughout a year, we see Clara grow, thrive, fall in love, and risk losing those she loves to save everyone.


We Set the Dark on Fire

In Medio, graduates from the School for Girls marry into prominent families. One of those women is Daniela Vargas, the top student with fake papers about who she is.