Helping Kids To Cope With Abuse

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The Trauma and Child Abuse Resource Center includes Frequently Asked Questions and links to Facts for Families.

American Psychological Association

Discusses why adults hurt children, why abuse and neglect happen, defines child abuse, sexual child abuse and child neglect, and what can be done to help an abused or neglected child. Also includes a list of places to go for help.

Child Welfare Information Gateway

Published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources, this article covers: Child Abuse and Neglect and its Effects, How to Help a Child or Youth Heal, Building a Strong Relationship with Your Child or Youth, Developing Caring Discipline Techniques, and Where to Find Support. Each section includes additional resources.


Knowing how to get help for child abuse (and summoning the courage to do so) can be difficult, but resources are available. Abused children may require counseling, help from child protective services (CPS), legal advocacy, or other assistance. It’s important to note that while child abuse cases are tried in criminal courts, decisions directly affecting the welfare of a child are typically handled in family court.

Healthy Place

If an abused child discloses the abuse to you, this article gives advice on the dos and don’ts of talking with the child. Also includes links to additional articles.

Learn how to spot the signs of neglect and/or abuse and how to deal with it. Additional resources are also listed.

North American Council on Adoptable Children

Describes ten ways to help maltreated children.

Prevent Child Abuse America

This website includes resources for Parenting Tips, Public Policy and Expert Advice on many aspects of parenting and child abuse.

Psychology Today

Includes the symptoms of different types of child abuse, the causes of child abuse, and treatment.

Trauma and Grief Network (Australian National University and the Australian Government)

This tipsheet talks about some of the real challenges that parents, family members, and carers face when they find out that their child has been abused.