Helping Kids To Cope With ADHD

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

CHADD’s website is full of information on understanding ADHD. A separate section for Parents and Caregivers covers Parenting a Child with ADHD, toolkits, Assessment, Treatment Overview, Coexisting Conditions in Children, where to get support both online and locally, and more.


Parenting dos and don’ts for dealing with ADHD children, behavior management therapy and its application.


KidsHealth explains how ADHD affects children and what parents should do to help their child thrive.


This is a two-part article outlining 16 strategies for parents raising an ADHD child. Includes links to more in-depth information about Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, In-depth Look, Support Groups, Books, Resources, and more.

Raising Children

Worried your child has ADHD: first steps, Behaviour management plans for children with ADHD, Behaviour strategies to help children with ADHD, Social skills to help children with ADHD, Strategies to manage energy and tiredness in children with ADHD, Classroom strategies to help children with ADHD, and about ADHD medications.


Ways to help your child succeed at school: educate yourself, talk with the teachers, and what to do at home.