Helping Kids To Cope With Strong Emotions

The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (In cooperation with the Office of Head Start and the Child Care Bureau)

“Teaching Your Child Feelings from Birth to Age 2” gives developmental goals for different age ranges and what is happening on the way to those goals. There is also a section on Good Habits to Get Into while supporting your child.

Child Mind Institute

Help your child develop an ‘emotional IQ’ and how to head off big emotions.


Having problems with a specific emotion? KidsHealth has an extensive list of helpful articles on emotions from ‘Anxiety Disorders’ to ‘Your Child’s Self-Esteem’.


Help preschoolers with feelings and emotions and avoid outbursts by labeling the feeling being exhibited and showing how to handle the emotion.

Psychology Today

This article gives tips on turning emotional meltdowns into opportunities for mindful development.

Public Broadcasting System

The article, “Dealing with Feelings: Emotional Health” is accompanied by links to further information: Dos and Don’ts, Try This At Home, Also of Interest, Reading List, and a Parents’ Forum.


This article covers How to Help Your Kid Have a Healthy Relationship With Their Emotions, How to Avoid Reinforcing Emotional Outbursts, and When to Seek Professional Help for an Emotional Kid. There are also links to other articles that discuss topics such as teaching anger management, and coping strategies.