I’m a Duck

I'm a Duck
Illustrator: Will Hillenbrand
Published: 3/13/2018

Reinberger Review

A young duck struggles with his fear of swimming but with encouragement from his wise friends and a touch of practice, he finds he can jump right in! The rhythmic flow of the text makes this story an enjoyable read-aloud choice for young children.  Eve Bunting’s positive phrasing creates a supportive environment within the pages for the young reader to examine and draw connections with their own small acts of bravery in everyday life.  Will Hillenbrand’s delicate and soft illustrations make the reader yearn to cup the nervous little duckling in their hands.  The pastel colors that permeate this feel-good picturebook from beginning to end make it a cuddle-friendly book that you’ll be sure to want to share.

-Jacquie Kociubuk

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