Big Cat, Little Cat

Reinberger Review This story captures the bond of friendship and the circle of life with simple text. Cooper’s use of black lines against lots of white space brings the complex Read more

Board Book


Reinberger Review A beginner’s book for your future graphic novel enthusiast. In true Henkes style, this story explores so many emotions that young children encounter when faced with someone different. Read more


Green Pants

Reinberger Review We all have our favorite something when we’re young—blankie, binky, shirt, pillow—and for Jameson, it’s pants. He loves his green pants so much that he refuses to wear Read more


Wolf in the Snow

Reinberger Review Besides a couple of whines, sniffs, howls and barks, this wordless picturebook tells the courageous story of a little girl who gets lost in the snow while walking Read more



Reinberger Review Colored pencil and watercolor—such simple and delicate tools—that Victoria Turnbull uses to tell the poignant story of a little fox, Pandora, who journeys through a destitute world, making Read more


The Blue Songbird

Reinberger Review A little blue songbird just wants to sing like her sisters, but could never manage to sound as lovely as they do. Her mother tells her to go Read more


I’m a Duck

Reinberger Review A young duck struggles with his fear of swimming but with encouragement from his wise friends and a touch of practice, he finds he can jump right in! Read more