Books to Read When It Is Raining

Here are twelve wonderful books to share with young readers when rainy days keep them inside!


The Big Umbrella

Written by Amy June Bates and Juniper Bates

When the rain starts, there is plenty of space for all beneath the big red umbrella. It does not matter if you are tall, or hairy, or even how many legs you have, because all are welcome to take shelter under the umbrella.

Reading Age: 3-7 years



Tap Tap Boom Boom

Written by Elizabeth Bluemle and illustrated by G. Brian Karas

When a storm rolls in, inhabitants of a city seek shelter from the rain and wind. Fun rhymes and interesting illustrations will help keep the attention of even the most reluctant readers as the city prepares for and perseveres through the thunderstorm. 

Reading Age: 2-4 years



The Rain Stomper

Written by Addie Boswell and illustrated by Eric Velasquez

When rain causes the neighborhood parade to be canceled, Jazmin decides that the show must go on, and takes her baton twirling to the street. 

Reading Age: 2-8 years



Home in the Rain

Written and illustrated by Bob Graham

As Francie and her mom drive home from her grandmother’s house, they get caught in a fearsome storm! While her mother drives, Francie writes out her name and her mother’s name, and begins to wonder what her yet-to-arrive baby sister’s name will be. As they make their way home, Francie and her mother talk about the new baby, and what they should call her. 

Reading Age: 3-7 years



Bruce’s Big Storm

Written and illustrated by Ryan T. Higgens

When a big storm rolls into his neighborhood, grumpy bear Bruce will be forced to open his home to any who come seeking shelter. Only one big issue—Bruce dislikes neighbors! 

Reading Age: 2-6 years



Rain Feet

Written by Angela Johnson and illustrated by Rhonda Mitchell

A little boy loves playing in the rain. Protected by his yellow jacket and boots, he splashes in the puddles, and dances in the falling water. Though a short book, Johnson and Mitchelle capture the simple joy of having fun in the rain. 

Reading Age: 2-5 years




Written by Uma Krishnaswami and illustrated by Jamel Akib

In India, the days during summer are hot and sticky, but soon clouds will bring rain to cut through the heat. While people go about their daily lives, they all keep an eye on the sky waiting for those wonderful clouds to come. 

Reading Age: 4-8 years




Written by Tim McCanna and illustrated by Richard Smythe

A little fox looks for shelter as rain begins to fall. With few words and intricate illustrations, this book is a visual delight that young readers will love. 

Reading Age: 4-8 years




Written and illustrated by Daniel Miyares

On a rainy day, a little boy in a bright yellow coat takes a small paper boat out on an adventure. When the boat floats away, the little boy goes on an adventure to get it back. 

Reading Age: 4-8 years



In the Rain

Written by Elizabeth Spurr and illustrated by Manelle Oliphant

A young girl enjoys the rainy day by splashing in puddles, floating paper boats, and making mud pies. 

Reading Age: 1-3 years




Written and illustrated by Sam Usher

A little boy explains to his grandfather all the wonderful things one can do in the rain.

Reading Age: 2-6 years



Written and illustrated by Hyewon Yum

When a little boy is upset because he isn’t allowed to go play in the rain, his mother decides to draw pictures with him to pass the time. Together, they draw themselves going outside and playing in the rain. Eventually, they decide to make their drawings reality, and enjoy the rainy day outside. 

Reading Age: 4-7 years

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