Celebrate National Pet Day!

Celebrate National Pet Day today with these charming children’s books all about pets!


Not Norman: A Goldfish Story

Written by Kelly Bennett and illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

Norman the goldfish isn’t what this little boy had in mind. He wanted a different kind of pet — one that could run and catch, or chase string and climb trees, a soft furry pet to sleep on his bed at night. Definitely not Norman. But when he tries to trade Norman for a “good pet,” things don’t go as he planned. Could it be that Norman is a better pet than he thought?



Written and illustrated by Jenny Offill

Sparky stars a pet who has more to offer than meets the eye. When our narrator orders a sloth through the mail, the creature that arrives isn’t good at tricks or hide-and-seek . . . or much of anything. Still, there’s something about Sparky that is irresistible.

Lola Gets a Cat

Written by Anna McQuinn and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

Lola wants a cat, but Mommy says taking care of a pet is a lot of work. So Lola does her homework. At the library she finds books about cats and pet care and she and Mommy learn as much as they can. She pretends her stuffed kitty is real and practices taking care of it. When the time comes, Lola is allowed to pick out her


The Perfect Pet

Written by Margie Palatini and illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Elizabeth really wants a pet. She’d like a horse, a dog, a cat, or even a turtle. But her parents do not want a pet. Instead they give her a cactus. Even though Elizabeth’s new plant proves to be a good listener, Elizabeth still really wants a pet. While Elizabeth campaigns to find the right pet, her family imagines some hair-raising possibilities, until Doug comes along. Doug is, without a doubt, the most unusual, perfect pet of all. Doug is a bug! He’s not big like a horse or loud like a dog. He doesn’t scratch, or shed, or jump on furniture. And he hardly eats a thing.


Pet Show!

Written and Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats

Archie wants to enter his cat into the neighborhood pet show—but first, he has to find him! Archie looks everywhere, even after all the other kids give up. Is there a reason the cat doesn’t want to be found? There’s no time to figure it out and ingenious Archie hatches a new plan to enter the contest—with the most surprising pet of all!


Officer Buckle and Gloria

Written and Illustrated by Peggy Rathmann

Officer Buckle’s safety presentation at Napville Elementary School is always ignored. It’s so dull, in fact, that it puts audiences to sleep. But soon, children are paying attention…to Officer Buckle’s new police dog, Gloria, who stands behind him, impishly miming the dire consequences and accidents involved in not using one’s head. Buckle is surprised to see the children suddenly so attentive!

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