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To celebrate Beverly Cleary’s birthday later this week, we are reading the classic Beezus and Ramona. Being a big sister can be hard, especially when one’s little sister is Ramona Quimby. Yet despite all of the chaos she brings, Beezus still lives Ramona, and together they learn that being sisters isn’t so bad.


Craft: Make Ramona’s famous bunny ears!

You will need two shades of pink paper, scissors, a glue stick, and some yarn or ribbon.

Step One:

Using the paler of the two shades of pink, trace out a long petal shape. In true Ramona fashion, I didn’t use a template for this and free-handed it, but I would suggest making the shape first on some heavy cardstock and then tracing it onto the pink paper. My “ears” were about nine inches long and three inches across at the widest part.


Step Two:

Using the brighter of the two shades of pink, trace out a smaller petal shape.

Step Three:

Glue the brighter pink to the paler pink of the ear. My inner ears were about six inches long and just under three inches across at the widest part.

Step Four:

Using the paler pink paper, cut a band of about eight inches in length and two inches in width.

Step Five:

Glue the ears onto the band and cut out holes on either side of the band to tie your yarn or ribbon through.



Step Six:

Tie the yarn or ribbon through the holes and then enjoy your bunny ears!

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