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Currently Reading:

Our currently reading book this week is Bird Watch by Christie Matheson. A perfect introduction to birdwatching for young readers, this seek-and-find picturebook will keep readers entertained even on days when the rain means they can’t be outside. Endpapers provide more information on bird watching and the different birds that appear in the book for curious readers who want to know more.


Craft: Make a bird feeder!

You will need an old carton (I used an old iced coffee one, but juice cartons work just as well), scissors, markers, a hot glue gun, glue stick, and colorful construction paper.


Step One:

Very carefully, take your scissors, and cut out a shape in the front of the carton. I would suggest that adults do this part as it can be a bit tricky.


Step Two:

Trace out the width and length of the carton onto the construction paper. I used purple for the front and back, and blue for my sides. Next, use the hot glue gun to glue the paper onto the carton. Don’t forget where your cut-out entrance is!

Here is how mine looks after I covered it. When I cut out the square on the front, my edges were a little jagged, so I covered them with black construction paper. I then used a white marker to make a little design around the front.


Step Three:

For the top of the carton, cut out strips of paper that are 1/2 inch wide and 4 1/2 inches long, then layer them together to cover the top.


Step Four:

I wasn’t a fan of the large empty space and decided to use the scraps of paper leftover from covering the carton to make a paper flower.


Step Five:

Fill with the birdseed of your choice, and put it outside! As a reminder, bring the feeder inside at the end of the night and keep it out of the rain. Since it is paper, it won’t stand up well to the elements and morning dew.

As a side note, you can hot glue a ribbon onto the sides of the carton. Unfortunately, I do not have trees in my backyard, so I couldn’t hang this feeder, but I put some heavier rocks in it and set it on my patio for the birds and squirrels and it has not been knocked over yet!

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