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Currently Reading:

We are currently reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to celebrate the birthday of Bill Martin Jr. this coming Saturday. This book has been loved by many generations, and for good reason! Simple, but clever rhyme introduces the alphabet to young readers in a way that is sure to keep their attention.



Make your own alphabet tree!


Step One:

To make your own alphabet tree, you will need tan, green, and white paper. I used two different shades of green to give my tree a bit of depth. You will also need scissors, a stapler, crayons, an empty paper towel roll, and painter’s tape.


Step Two:

Wrap your paper towel roll with the tan paper and stable at the top and bottom.

I paper-clipped mine first to make sure that it stayed tight enough while I stapled and did not move out of place.


Step Three:

Cut out your palm leaves! I freehanded mine because I only had a digital copy of the book, but I would suggest placing the green paper over one of the illustrations in the book and tracing instead.

Once you have one that you like, cut it out and use it as a stencil for the others.

I was using colored copy paper instead of the more sturdy construction paper, so I glued a couple of my leaves together to make them more sturdy and less likely to move around.


Step Four:

Once you have your leaves cut out, staple them onto the top of the trunk. I put most of mine inside the paper towel roll and then positioned them. With my last two leaves, I stapled them to the front to add dimension.


Step Five:

Color and cut out your letters.

I would recommend putting the paper over the last page of the book where the alphabet is shown, and tracing the letters. Unfortunately, I had the digital copy and was unable to do this and instead had to freehand my letters, which was a bit tricky. I also made two coconuts and cut them out from the same paper I had used in my tree trunk to look more like the book cover.

Step Six:

Use painter’s tape to put your letters and coconuts on the tree and move them around! I would suggest making your letters as large as you can, mine were a bit small and I had to get creative with the tape.

Now you and your little readers can act out the book while you read!

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