Currently Reading: “Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever”

Currently Reading:

Dasher by Matt Tavares is a fun look into how reindeer came to pull Santa Claus’s sleigh. With beautiful illustrations and a sweet story, this book will become a fast favorite among readers young and old.

Activity: Make Reindeer Antlers

Step One:

You will need scissors, ribbon, a glue stick, and two different shades of brown paper. From the lighter shade, cut a strip about two inches thick and long enough to cover your forehead. For the ears, cut out two triangles and then round them out. I cut out the larger ones first and then used the darker brown to cut the inside of the ear out. For the antlers, cut two thick stripes of the dark brown paper, and then cut them down to size, rounding out the points.

Step Two:

Glue the smaller part of the ear onto the larger, and then glue the ears onto the two-inch band. On the back of the band, glue the antlers. Finally, cut or hole punch holes on either side of the band to tie the ribbon into.

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