Currently Reading: “I Love You and Cheese Pizza: A Story About the Meaning of Love”

Currently Reading:

I Love You and Cheese Pizza by Brenda Li is a humorous introduction for explaining love to children. Help your children understand the many different forms of love, and learn why we send thank you notes and Valentine’s cards to others.



Make your own Valentine cards like Brian in the story!


Step One: You will need white paper, pink or red paper, a glue stick, scissors, and crayons.


Step Two: Fold the pink (or red) paper in half and cut out hearts. I folded it one way and then another way to get the most out of my paper.


Step Three: Fold the white paper in half and draw a red heart on the front (I used one of my cutout hearts as a stencil).


Step Four: Glue the cutout hearts on the inside of the card and write your message in the blank space. You can make the message inspired by the book (like I did below) or write your own.


Step Five:

Give the card to someone you love and have them read I Love You and Cheese Pizza with you!

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