Currently Reading: “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”

In this well-known classic written by Laura Numeroff, readers find out just what happens when you give a mouse a cookie. Young and old readers alike will recognize the sometimes unlogical reasoning and smile at the antics of the little mouse. Done in colored pencil, the cheerful illustrations made by Felicia Bond bring the story to life. With lessons of hard work and kindness, readers of all ages can enjoy this delightful picturebook.

Activity: Make your own Mouse!

Step One:

This craft takes a little more imagination than others and is a little tricky. You will need white paper, scissors, a glue stick, blue, yellow, and brown crayons, a pencil, and a little bit of patience.


Step Two:

To make the ears, I cut out a triangle and then cut it down to the shape I wanted. It took a couple of tries until I got it right, and then I used my first one as a stencil and traced two more for my final product. Color the ears brown and onto the next step!

Step Three:

To make the overalls, I did a rough hand sketch on a folded piece of paper, then cut it out, and traced it onto the paper I wanted to get rid of the crease. Color the overalls blue and add yellow buttons. I also pressed harder around the edges and made dashes to look like little stitches (you can see this in the finished picture).


Step Four:

To make the body, trace the overalls, and add feet and arms. This was the most tricky step for me as I couldn’t get the arms right and had to redo it several times.


Step Five:

To make the head, I made a lollipop shape (a circle with a square to act as the neck) and then colored it brown. To make the nose, I cut out a small circle and then colored it pink.

Make sure you have the head, body, tail, nose, ears, and overalls all cutout.


Step Six:

Make sure you color everything before you start gluing, it is easier to have it done first. I first glued the ears onto the head and then the head onto the body before gluing the overalls onto the body. It took me a few tries to get everything positioned right.


Last Step:

Glue the tail and nose on, then use a black pen to draw the mouth and eyes on the mouse’s head. I chose to outline the nose so that it could be seen better against the head. I decided not to add whiskers as I liked how everything looked, but feel free to draw on a few!


Enjoy your mouse! Just remember, if you give him a cookie, be prepared to get him a glass of milk!

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