Currently Reading: “Scribble Stones”

Currently Reading: “Scribble Stones”

Scribble Stones by Diane Alber offers a heartwarming story about a small stone who is determined to be more than just a paperweight. After meeting Scribble and Splatter, they reach a creative solution that can bring joy to others while also making Stone happy. This story is also an easy way to introduce the concept of kindness rocks to young readers, and leads into a fun craft!

Activity: Make Your Own Scribble Stones!

Step One:

You will need flat stones, a paintbrush, and paint.

Step Two:

Paint the base coat of your stones. I did a couple of layers of paint to give it a solid base before adding the patterns.


Step Three:

In addition to using paint, I also found that gel pens worked very well. Just be careful how hard you press with the pen on the painted surface as it can scratch off the base paint.


Last Step:

Once your rocks are finished, put them around walking trails for others to find, and share in the kindness! Just make sure you do not put glitter/or rhinestones on the rocks to keep from harming wildlife. Also draw on eyes and avoid using stick-on googly eyes.

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