Currently Reading: “Snippets”

Snippets: A Story About Paper Shapes by Diane Alber is a heartwarming story about how being different can be good. Written in rhyme, the story follows Snippet as he learns that the normal shapes do not want him to play with them. Instead of being discouraged, Snippet proves to the others that being unique is never a bad thing.


Use your own unique snippets to make a collage! You will need paper, scissors, and a glue stick.


Step One:

Take pieces of paper (I would recommend at least three different colors) and cut them into smaller sizes and shapes.


Step Two:

Arrange the snippets together, starting from the center of the mounting paper (I used just white copy paper), and glue them down when they are in a position you like. Repeat the process until all the snippets have been used and enjoy your piece of art!

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