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To celebrate the birthday of Mary Pope Osborne on the 20th, we are reading the very first of the Magic Tree House Series. Fall in love with the series that has captured countless imaginations. When siblings Jack and Annie find a tree house, they soon find themselves in the prehistoric past! Together, they have to find a way home and, maybe, also find the answer to where the tree house came from.


You will need a leaf stencil, green and brown construction paper, a glue stick, a ruler, painter’s tape, and a pencil.



Step One:

Using your stencil, trace out a few pages of leaves.


Cut out your traced leaves.


Step Two:

Use the width of your ruler to measure out the pieces that will make the tree. Once the page is filled, cut them out.


Step Three:

Take the pieces of brown paper and cut them in half both length and width-wise to get smaller, thinner pieces.


Step Four:

Using the same brown as the tree pieces, cut out two squares of 4×4 paper. Fold the edges of the paper and glue them together to make a box-like shape.

Once the box is made, glue small strips of brown paper over it to give it the look of the tree house. Using a slighter darker brown, cut out a square for the door of the tree house.


Step Five:

Use the painter’s tape to arrange the leaves and pieces of the tree together. The tree is made the thin brown pieces layered together and beside one another. I made a branch off of the main trunk along with the smaller branch beneath the tree house. The tree house is also attached to the wall with painter’s tape.

I’m going to keep our tree house up for a little while and add to it while I read through the series. I might craft a few characters from the books and hide them around the house, for instance, a dinosaur for the first book, and a flute for Moonlight on the Magic Flute, and make this craft into a scavenger hunt.

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