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The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds is a wonderful way to get readers excited about new words. While some people collect stamps or comics, Jerome collects words! Some words he doesn’t know but sound like a song, and others he just loves to say, and they all go into his word book.


Make a word game!

I made a jar of words that I felt were interesting and a little booklet to accompany them. Every time a word is pulled from the jar and the correct definition is given, then the drawer gets a treat! If the definition is wrong, then the word and its correct definition are written down in their booklet so they can get it right next time.


Step One: Make the Word Jar

You will need an empty jar, white paper, crayons, and a list of words you love. I added an extra layer to the game and put easier words on white paper, intermediate words on blue, and hard words on pink. Easy words were worth one piece of candy, intermediate words worth two, and hard words worth three or a bigger prize. Once you have written out your words, fold the pieces of paper, and drop them in!


Step Two: Make the Booklet

For the booklet, I took one piece of paper and folded it twice to make a little square. Then I stapled along one side and cut along the folds of the other to make pages. I gave it a title and then added in a few words I didn’t know the definition of. When unknown words are drawn, the drawer can fill their booklet with the correct definition for next time.


Step Three:

Enjoy your word (and candy) collection!

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