Helping Your Child: Coping With COVID-19

As COVID-19 impacts everyone in the world, here are a few resources to help explain current events to your children. These materials offer advice on how to start those conversations as well as activities for your children to do during social distancing.


Toddlers to Teens: How to Help Kids Cope with Stress from COVID-19. HealthLine has tips on helping children cope based on age. The sections are for children 4–7 years old, 7–10 years old, 10–13 years old, and 13–17 years old.


KidsHealth has tips on talking with your child about the coronavirus and has a short video on “Keeping Kids Busy.”

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has advice on how to support your children’s developmental needs and understanding of the coronavirus.


For a full list of COVID-19 Resources, go to Helping Kids To Cope With COVID-19


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