Helping Your Child: Coping with PTSD

The resources below offer information on childhood PTSD. As well as how to help your children after a traumatic event, and where to find further aid. 

Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital has extensive information on PTSD in children. There is an overview, sections on Symptoms & Causes, Testing & Diagnosis, Treatments, Research & Clinical Trials, and Programs & Services available at Boston Children’s.


Includes a general description, and sections on Art Therapy and Trauma, How to Handle Second-hand Trauma with Kids, PTSD Test, PTSD Symptoms in Women, InfoWars & Fake News, and EMDR Therapy for Anxiety, Panic, PTSD, and Trauma.

Stanford Children’s Health

General information about PTSD is followed by sections on how to help a child live with PTSD, when the child’s health provider should be called, and tips on how to get the most from a visit to your child’s healthcare provider.


For a full list of resources, please visit Helping Kids to Cope with PTSD


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