Helping Your Child: Coping with Seriously Ill Family Members

While it might be difficult to talk with your child about a seriously ill family member for fear of scaring them, it is best to speak with children early on and to be honest about the situation. Even when parents or caregivers have the best intentions for keeping the information from their children, children can pick up on tensions, and will often become worried or fearful no matter what the parent says or does not say. 

Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons explains the need to include your child in discussions about the illness of a family member starting with preparation for the conversation and how to support your healthy child.

Liana Lowenstein, MSW and Brianne Thompson, MSW, RSW

This article covers talking with your children about illness, how to talk with children about death, and much more. 


A parent’s illness is scary for children. These tips can help put your kids at ease.


For a full list of resources, please go to Helping Kids to Cope with Seriously Ill Family Members


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