Helping Your Child: Understanding LGBTQ+

Starting conversations with your child about the LGBTQ+ community at a young age can help to reduce and eliminate misconceptions. These early conversations also build trust and provides your child with the knowledge that they can come to you with questions.

The Family Acceptance Project™

The FAP is a research, education, and policy initiative that works to prevent health risks for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Gender Spectrum

Gender Spectrum provides a wealth of information for parents and families concerning the complexities of gender, parenting considerations, parenting practices, and transitioning.

The Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign’s Gay Parenting page provides information and resources concerning adoption, foster parenting, and assisted reproduction. It also gives information on growing up LGBTQ in America, and how to keep your kids safe at school.


For a complete list of resources, please visit Helping Kids to Understand LGBTQ+

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