Our Favorite Picture Books

Good Dog, Carl By Alexandra Day
Article by Sarah Bihn (she/her)
KSU Student, RCLC Student Worker

While I love many books, my all-time favorite picture book has to be Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day. The main characters are Baby and Carl, who has been left to watch after Baby while her parents are out. While the adults are gone, they could not have chosen a better babysitter than Carl who very dutifully looks after Baby and cleans up all the messes and havoc she wrecks on the house. 

I have very fond memories of my dad reading this book to me when I was about four or five years old. At the time, I did not realize that the book has very minimal text, and he would make up words to go along with the beautiful illustrations. When I was old enough, I would start to add my own narration in and correct him when I thought his idea of what kindly Carl would say and my idea was not one and the same. I must have demanded this book be read at least once a day, I think it had a permanent home on my dad’s nightstand, but it was never boring or repetitive. Though I knew how it would end, I still held my breath each time Carl went about righting the house wondering if he could finish before the adults came home. 

As an adult, the beautiful illustrations and wordless plot can still entertain me. Good Dog, Carl truly inspired my imagination, and I remember falling asleep many times to plotted adventures I would have if only Carl was my dog.

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