Reinberger Review: Amelia Unabridged

Audience: 12-18 years

Review by Kristen Higgason (she/her)

MLIS Student, Kent State University iSchool

M.Ed Student, Kent State University EHHS

The Orman Chronicles by reclusive author N. E. Endsley brings best friends Amelia and Jenna together when all Amelia knew was people leaving her. However, a one-off chance meeting with the author and Jenna causes a rift between the two without a chance to reconcile because Jenna dies soon after. When an edition of the book shows up, Amelia knows it came from Jenna, and she’s determined to figure out how. 

Such a tragic book turned out to be so heart-warming and lovely. How you wonder? The adventure Amelia finds how this special edition of the Orman Chronicles was sent to her will leave you smiling and crying. Amelia experiences love, loss, and healing in a matter of a summer. The characters are well-developed, there is a fairytale vibe, and room for second chances. This book has it all if you’re looking for something to grab your heart and pull you in.

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