Green Pants

Green Pants
Illustrator: Kenneth Kraegel
Published: 3/21/2017

Reinberger Review

We all have our favorite something when we’re young—blankie, binky, shirt, pillow—and for Jameson, it’s pants. He loves his green pants so much that he refuses to wear any other color except green. But, Jameson also loves his family, and when he’s asked to be in his cousin’s wedding he jumps at the chance. That is, until he finds out he has to wear black pants. His mother gives him the choice—wear a tuxedo and get to be a ring bearer in the family wedding or wear his green pants. The lively pencil and watercolor illustrations, rendered on cold-press watercolor paper invite the reader in, especially the full-page spreads showing Jameson—smaller in stature than all other characters—flipping, dunking, diving and dancing.

Michelle Baldini

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