Reinberger Review: Charlie Thorne and the Lost City

Charlie Thorne and the Lost City
Published: 2021

Audience: 10 years and up

Review by: Sarah Bihn (she/her)

MLIS Student, Kent State University iSchool


Charlie Thorne is one of the smartest people alive–don’t take her word for it? Don’t worry, she’s been tested. Unfortunately, being one of the smartest people alive happens to get her into a lot of trouble. While she’s not even thirteen, Charlie has already been blackmailed into helping the CIA, solved a secret equation left by Einstein himself, had several attempts on her life, and saved the world. A series of events that would make anyone want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Which is why Charlie decided it would be in her best interest to hide out in the Galapagos Islands from the CIA and other various dubious organizations. And it was for a while. 

However,  trouble comes to Charlie’s doorstep in the form of a new mystery surrounding another great scientist. Clues 200-years-old and left by Charles Darwin himself that might lead to a hidden treasure are just too tempting for Charlie to ignore. Unfortunately, it is a treasure that is being hunted by others who are unafraid to use Charlie to get to it. With her location no longer a secret, Charlie races against old rivals and new in an adventure that will take her deep into the Amazon rainforest where even her knowledge will be tested. With the help of CIA agents, Dante Garcia and Milana Moon, Charlie might just beat the others to the treasure and survive the dangerous ecosystem. 

Once again, Stuart Gibbs weaves an intricate story filled with slices of history and compelling “what-if?” scenarios that will make readers wonder about the possibilities surrounding some of the greatest minds in history. Fans of the first book “Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation” will be happy to see familiar characters returning as well as new high stakes and complex clues.

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