Reinberger Review: Monday’s Not Coming

Review by Kristen Higgason (she/her)

MLIS Student, Kent State University iSchool

M.Ed Student, Kent State University EHHS

Claudia’s best (and only) friend, Monday, is missing, and no one else notices (or seems to care). Claudia digs into Monday’s disappearance to discover how a teenage girl can vanish without anyone noticing. 

This book’s ability to confuse you is what makes it such a gripping story. Tiffany D. Jackson has mastered throwing you into a mystery without giving you many hints about what parts are reality and what is made up. You will think you are reading a book strictly about Claudia looking for Monday until suddenly you are near the end of the novel and you discover what you have been reading is different than you thought. This book handles some tough subjects. TW: sexual assault and abuse

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