Reinberger Review: One of the Good Ones

Audience: 13-17 years

Review by Kristen Higgason (she/her)

MLIS Student, Kent State University iSchool

M.Ed Student, Kent State University EHHS

When Happi and Genny’s sister, Kezi (a YouTuber and prominent social activist), dies after attending a social justice rally, they head out on a road trip to connect with the sister they lost thanks to the Negro Motorist Green Book guiding them. However, Kezi’s story has more twists than meets the eye, and they change everything.

I picked this book up on a whim one day, and I am so glad I did! This book is one of my favorite books so far this year. The relationship between the three sisters is interesting to read and see how they connect and are different from each other, but their trip is full of historical moments. Then there’s the twist. I wish I could say more than that, but you must read this book and figure out Kezi’s story – it will blow you away.

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