Reinberger Review: Original Cat, Copy Cat

Original Cat, Copy Cat
Illustrator: Sarah Kurpiel
Published: 2021

Audience: 4-8 years

Review by Sarah Bihn (she/her)

MLIS Student, Kent State University iSchool 


When Pineapple’s family gets a new cat, his quiet routine gets ruined, and he quickly grows annoyed when Kiwi copies everything he does. To make matters worse, Kiwi ruins everything that Pineapple likes to do. He is loud when Pineapple wants to be quiet, he takes over Pineapple’s favorite napping spots, and he gets them both in trouble! Finally, Pineapple has enough and scares Kiwi away. However, Pineapple soon realizes that being an only cat is lonely and a friend makes simple routines fun. 

While sparse, Kurpiel’s illustrations hold much emotion, leading readers to sympathize with poor Pineapple as Kiwi comes in to ruin his life, and later cheer when the older cat realizes his mistakes. Young readers will enjoy the antics of the enemy-turned-friends and older siblings will see a reflection of themselves in Pineapple. 

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