Reinberger Review: Swan Lake: Quest for the Kingdoms

Swan Lake: Quest for the Kingdoms
Illustrator: Megan Kearney
Published: 2022

Audience: 8-12 years

Rating: 4 Stars

Review by Emily Bennett (she/her) 

MLIS Student, Kent State University iSchool 

“Swan Lake: Quest for The Kingdoms” is a fast-paced graphic novel retelling of the classic “Swan Lake” with much to keep the attention of reluctant readers. With sword fights, dance breaks, humor, and an animal companion similar to a bear, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers. The quick pacing and mix of tough action with elegant ballet scenes will also help to capture the full attention of any who open this book. 

Odette and Dillie are two princesses from rival kingdoms who should be sworn enemies but instead form an unlikely friendship, and embark on a dangerous quest. Their goal is to cure Odette’s curse, which causes her to turn into a swan each night, and get justice for Dillie’s father, who was accused of being the one to curse Odette. Their journey will take them through enchanted lands, and will test not only their courage but also their friendship. 

Readers of “Swan Lake: Quest for the Kingdoms” will learn to challenge stereotypes and that friendship can be found in unlikely places. Children with disabilities might also appreciate the disabled representation as Dillie uses a prosthetic leg. Terciero and Kearney do an excellent job of weaving together classic and modern to create a new adventure that fans of the original “Swan Lake” will appreciate and that new readers will thoroughly enjoy. 

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