Reinberger Review: Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me
Published: 2021

Audience: 14-17 years

Review by Kristen Higgason (she/her)

MLIS Student, Kent State University iSchool

M.Ed Student, Kent State University EHHS

Mila, a recent high school graduate and no longer in foster care, decides to take a job teaching other foster children on a remote Northern California farm. But the farm holds hauntings of all the trauma from the farm’s residents, and Mila must confront her own.

If you have ever wanted to read a book about ghosts but wanted things to feel a little more realistic – this is the book for you. Award-winning author Nina LaCour knows how to draw readers in and help them get in touch with their emotions. This book is no different. You will feel the trauma of Mila and the other residents on the farm, but you will wonder about the ghosts the way they do, too. Haunting, beautiful, and an empathetic take on guilt and recovery.

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