See the Stripes

See the Stripes
Illustrator: Andy Mansfield
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Published: 2016

Reinberger Review

Don’t let the bright colors and pop-up design fool you, this picturebook contains puzzles that will have even the oldest of readers pouring over the foldable flaps, pull tabs, cut-away windows, and rotating designs within its pages.  The premise of the book is to have the reader create a colored stripe by manipulating the page components in creative and inventive ways.  Though the design lends a hand with ready-made creases that facilitate folding, the reader will thrill at the bit of guilty pleasure of handling the pages in a manner that’s typically frowned upon.  The text itself is sparse and directive allowing for the reader to focus on the interactiveness of the illustrations.  A pleasing illustrative design theme of geometric rectangles and squares of brilliant colors ensure that this book will be pulled off the shelf for closer inspection.

-Jacquie Kociubuk 

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